About Us

Established in 1966, New Age International Publishers is the market leader in educational books and is now ranked among leading publishing houses bringing out professional and college level textbooks in Commerce & Management, Science & Technology and Medical Sciences. Our current list includes 1500+ titles mainly in STM, which has earned the trust of educators and students alike. Because of our commitment to accuracy, integrity, authenticity and excellence, our books spanning the post secondary learning spectrum from college to career making professional level have transformed NEW AGE into a brand name.


High quality of authorship is the hallmark of New Age International Publishers. Our fraternity of authors belongs mainly to reputed and highly prestigious educational institutions of India and abroad like Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institutes of Management and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, etc. While many of them are well known for their distinguished contributions to research works and their pedagogical and pragmatic approach in their respective professions, some are or had been holding prime positions in countries like USA, Mexico, UK, Australia, Ethiopia, Kenya and in many other countries around the globe.

The unique feature of our authors is that most of them are of high caliber, highly qualified, experienced and have great reputation of an expert in their respective fields. We constantly invite distinguished researchers and reputed faculties to join our knowledge pool.


New Age International Publishers undertakes customised publishing and printing projects for colleges and professional institutions. Its team of highly talented and accomplished editorial experts and production specialists ensure that the books are produced as per international standards, simultaneously keeping competitive price.

With our emphasis on editorial and production values we have been able to develop knowledge products in the form of books that suit the present and future needs to readers in almost all the disciplines.

Online 24x7

New Age International Publishers website (www.newagepublishers.com) is very user friendly and is being updated regularly to intimate the contents of its titles to all concerned. It has the facility to record the email of interested persons and inform them instantly, the titles of their interest as and when published.

Our Alliances

New Age International Publishers has tie-ups with world′s leading international publishers to make their books available in Indian sub-continent at affordable prices. This includes world-renowned Webster′s dictionaries. Similar arrangements are in operation with Springer, Barron′s, Vault, Guilford Press, Princeton University Press, Nelson Thornes and many other publishers across the world.


New Age International Publishers has become a trendsetter as one of the first leading publishers to offer e-books through different aggregators around the world. This path breaking approach has opened new vistas in the realm of publishing industry.


We are also publishing CBSE school books based on NCERT under Golden brand name. For more information visit us at www.newagegolden.com