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  • Managing Quality in the Apparel Industry

    Mehta, Pradip V. , Fellow, Textile Institute, U.K. and American Society for Quality.
    Bhardwaj, S.K.

    This easy-to-follow reference book explores all aspects of quality for the clothing and apparel industry - detailing the fundamental principles as well as the latest topics in the quality profession.

    This book is further refinement of the work published entitled An Introduction to Quality Control for the Apparel Industry by the American Society for Quality in September 1992.

    Presenting quality as an overall business strategy and management function, Managing Quality in the Apparel Industry explains what is quality, why quality is important, and describes how to build quality into products, shows how to evaluate quality of all the components that go into making garments, explains how to measure the cost of quality or rather poor quality, and shows how to begin to manage quality.

    Providing hundreds of excerpts, Managing Quality in the Apparel Industry is a practical source for quality control managers, supervisors, inspectors, technicians, and executives; and upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in these disciplines.....

    ISBN : 978-81-224-1166-9   Publication Year : 1998    Edition : Ist    Reprint : 2020
    Pages : 346    Binding : Hardbound
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