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  • Design and Analysis of Experiments

    Das, M. N. , Formerly, Senior Prof. of Statistics & Emeritus Scientist in I.C.A.R. New Delhi, India.
    Giri, N.C. , Professor of Statistics, University of Montreal, Canada.

    The book that has been well-received by students, teachers and applied workers, has now been extensively revised and considerably enlarged. It now contains most of the topics concerning design and analysis of experiments. Presentation is mainly based on intuition and common sense using minimum mathematics. There are quite a number of new and yet unpublished results in the edition. The methodology has been evolved for providing efficient algorithms for writing computer programs and complete programs for many of the techniques are now included in the book.

    Each of the existing chapters has been extended by several numerical examples and new materials to make the book self contained. This edition has been enlarged by including four more chapters covering main effect plans, several series of new designs, switch-over designs, and dialled crossing plans. A chapter on computer programs is an interesting and useful addition to the revised edition. It is expected to be of great help to practising statisticians, consultants, research scholars and students for analysing data, supplying readymade designs and for creating interest in software preparation. Complete programs of composite nature are presented without redundant commands, camouflaging and any motive of secrecy so that the readers can have a feel of actual sequencing of commands constituting programs for problems of which the algorithm is known to them. Each program is supplied by liberal notes needs for its execution.

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    ISBN : 978-93-86418-90-6   Publication Year : 2017    Edition : 3rd    Reprint : 2020
    Pages : 500    Binding : Hardbound
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  • Statistical Methods and Concepts

    Das, M. N. , Formerly, Senior Prof. of Statistics & Emeritus Scientist in I.C.A.R. New Delhi, India.

    The book presents underlying concepts, derivation and deduction of a large number of 'Statistical Methods' that are applied to solve practical problems. Most of the topics are developed from basic concepts rather than being introduced using abrupt definitions. Results are obtained from first principles mainly and in this way the book is somewhat different from the existing texts on the subject. This manner of presentation is expected to be helpful to students and teachers to have proper appreciation of the subject of statistics and to make application of statistical methods to real life problem more meaningful.

    The book has been written using minimum of mathematics giving emphasis on developing concepts properly so that it can be approached by a wider section of readers including subject-matter specialists and their students in other disciplines. It contains several alternative methods of deduction and derivation to make calculations simpler and systematic. A large number of examples have been included for easy reading and understanding. It can be used by subject-matter specialists to help applying statistical methods for research, teaching and other activities.

    A chapter on computer programs has been included to provide complete programs for solving some problems requiring lengthy calculations such as needed for multiple and partial correlation coefficients, partial regression coefficients and their standard errors and for printing statistical tables like probability integral table for Bivariate Normal distribution.....

    ISBN : 978-81-224-0119-6   Publication Year : 1989    Edition : Ist    Reprint : 2012
    Pages : 268    Binding : Paperback
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