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1. Elements of Quantum Mechanics
Dutta-Roy, Binayak , Ex Prof., Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics.

“Elements of Quantum Mechanics” targets advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, research scholars who need a clearer understanding of basics and methods, and teachers and faculty at colleges, universities and research institutions.

The first six chapters can be used at the undergraduate college level. The following five chapters are appropriate for a second one-sem....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-4099-7   Publication Year : 2017    Edition : 2nd Pages : 496    Price : $ 46.60    Binding : Hardbound

2. Basic Physics : For Engineering Students (WBUT)
Dutta-Roy, Binayak , Ex Prof., Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics.
Dutta-Roy, Debajyoti

This book covers the first semester Physics syllabus for the students of Engineering and Technology in most colleges in India. For specificity, the prescribed syllabus of the West Bengal University of Technology has been followed.

Mathematical Tools used have been developed in a simplified manner. Each portion is accompanied by several solved problems and illustrations to clarify the un....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-3067-7   Publication Year : 2010    Edition : 1st Pages : 168    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback



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