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Ancient Indian History and Civilization

Sen, S.N. , Formerly Professor of History, University of Calcutta, Kolkata
ISBN : 978-81-224-1198-0
Publication Year : 1999
Edition : 2nd
Reprint : -
Pages : 668
Price : $ 16.67
Binding : Paperback
About the Book:

A single-volume study of Ancient Indian History delineating the various facets, both political and cultural, and incorporating the fruits of recent researches that have abundantly appeared since 1950, has not been attempted before. Author has tried to maintain a delicate balance between political history and social, economic and cultural history of ancient India.

The book covers the pre-historic India, the Vedic age, the post-vedic civilization, North India in the sixth century B.C. It also explains new religious movements and their socio-economic background, Maurya age, political disintegration and foreign invasions. The Gupta empire, the prominence of North under Harshavardhana and its eclipse, Bengal under the Palas and the Senas, dynasties of North India, Arabs and Turks in India, Indias intercourse with the outside world, have been discussed in depth.

History of Deccan and South India, hitherto not given due weightage and culture and civilization of ancient India in all its variegated hues, have received due attention. Some new topics like Espionage, Slavery, Guilds, Urbanisation, Feudalism and Science and Technology in Ancient India, have been incorporated to make the book as uptodate as possible. Apart from meeting the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students of Indian Universities, the book will serve as a useful guide to candidates for civil service examination (both Preliminary and Main).

About the Author:

Sailendra Nath Sen, formerly Professor of History, University of Calcutta and Fellow, Asiatic Society, has been engaged in teaching and research since 1954. He has been awarded D.Phil. (1958) and D.Litt. (1970) degrees from the University of Calcutta for his research work on the history of the Marathas. He has to his credit two contributions on the History of the Marathas-Anglo-Maratha Relations during the Administration of Warren Hastings, 1772-1785 and Anglo Maratha Relations, 1785-1796. After his retirement from the University of Calcutta in 1994, he has completed the last phase of the history of the Marathas in two volumes-Fall of the Maratha Empire, Vol. I, 1796-1806 and Fall of the Maratha Empire, Vol. II, 1807-1818. Among his numerous publications by New Age International (P) Limited, Publishers, mention may be made of Modern India, 3rd Edition and Contemporary World, 3rd Edition (for Class XII of CBSE), Indian History, 1857-1964 (4th Edition) and Aspects of World History in Modern Times (3rd Edition) for West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education and the compendious volume on Ancient Indian History and Civilization (Second Edition). He is now engaged in research on the Freedom Movement in Chandernagore and Universal History.


  • Geographical and Social Background
  • Sources of Ancient Indian History
  • Prehistoric India
  • The Aryans in India
  • Rigvedic Age
  • Post-Vedic Civilization
  • New Religious Movements
  • Political Condition of North India in the Sixth Century B.C.: Foreign Invasions
  • The Maurya Empire
  • Political Disintegration and Foreign Invasion
  • The Sangam Age
  • The Gupta Empire
  • Post-Gupta History: Rise of New Powers
  • Harshavardhana of Thaneshvar and Kanauj
  • Northern India After Harsha
  • Bengal Under the Palas and The Senas
  • The Himalayan Kingdom
  • Dynasties of North India
  • Arabs and Turks in India
  • The Deccan
  • South India
  • Intercourse with the Outside World
  • Culture and Civilization in Ancient India
  • Conclusions

History and Indology