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Concepts of Insect Control

Ghosh, M. R.
ISBN : 978-81-224-0088-5
Publication Year : 1989
Edition : 1st
Reprint : 2007
Pages : 282
Price : $ 15.00
Binding : Paperback

About the Book:

This book gathers together informations from various known sources and from knowledges accumulated through the practices of crop husbandry presented in various publications as historical anecdotes and reviews. It covers topics like the genesis of pest problems of crops, characteristics of inflicting injury to the crops by insects, methods of assessment of level of infestation and intent of damage and finally strategies to minimise the avoidable loss due to pest infestation. Further to accommodate the changing concepts in dealing with pest problems emphasis has also been given on the topics like ecology and agroecosystem, advantages and limitations of unilateral adoption of any of the different pest control tactics and ultimately how the different methods can be integrated to offset the undesirable effects As insecticidal method of pest control is commonly practised for convenience and immediate results brief accounts of insecticides and application equipments, various facets of application technology and passage of these undesirable chemicals to non-target areas have been included which are relevant from the point of view of environmental hazards This compendium has been designed in the form of text book for students of entomology and will also serve as a companion hand book for all engaged in insect control and studies.

  • Section One-Introduction : Problems Appreciation
  • Section Two-Methods of Insect Control: Understanding Pests
  • Injuries and Damages by Pests
  • Forecasting Pest Outbreak
  • Decision
  • Making in Pest Control
  • Control Strategies
  • Mechanical and Physical Control
  • Cultural Control
  • Plant Resistance to Insect Attack
  • BiologicalControl
  • Chemical Control
  • Legal or Regulatory Control
  • Fumigation and Storage? of Grains
  • Insecticides Handling and Safety Measures
  • Section Three?Some Modern concepts of Insect Control: Sterility Methods
  • Attractants, Repellants and Antifeedants
  • Nutritional Control
  • Control by Hormonal Immmbalance
  • Pest Management?Integrated Control of Pests.