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  Book Details

A First Course on Electrical Drives
Pillai, S.K. , Former Prof. Deptt. of Elec. Engg., Indian Instit. of Tech. Bombay, Mumbai.
ISBN : 978-81-224-3361-6
Publication Year : 2012
Edition : 3rd
Reprint : 2017
Pages : 256
Price : $ 18.33
Binding : Paperback
About the Book:

The aim of revision is mainly to acquaint the students with the recent trends in the development of electric motors used as prime movers in electric drive systems.

The chapter on 'Introduction to Solid State Controlled Drives' has been expanded to include sections on increasingly used 'Brushless dc motors' and 'Switched-reluctance motors'.

A separate chapter on the more commonly used position control drive motors, namely, 'Stepper Motors' has been also incorporated.

The drives used in the fast growing petroleum industry have been included in the Chapter on 'Industrial Applications'.

About the Author:

S.K. Pillai is former Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai. He had taught subjects like Electrical Machines and Drives for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in electrical engineering for about three decades.

A senior member of IEEE and the Institute of Engineers (India), Dr. Pillai has published several papers in IEEE transactions and journal of the Institution of Engineers (India).


  • Introduction
  • Dynamics of Electrical Drives
  • Characteristics of DC Motors
  • Characteristics of AC Motors
  • Starting
  • Electric Braking
  • Rating and Heating of Motors
  • Introduction to Solid State Controlled Drives
  • Stepper Motors
  • Industrial Applications

  • Audience:


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