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  Book Details

Get, Set & Grow : A Handbook for Medical Representatives
Mehrotra, Vivek , GM-Head (Talent Transformation & Development) with Reliance Retail Ltd.
ISBN : 978-81-224-2145-3
Publication Year : July, 2007
Edition : 3rd
Pages : 172
Price : $ 15.00
Binding : Paperback
About the Book:

Get Set & Grow
is an attempt to properly channelize the full potential of a medical representative in the right direction...

Get Set & Grow
has been designed to equip a Medical Representative with all the armaments of situational selling...

Get Set & Grow
will prepare and develop a Medical Representative to accept new and greater challenges and present him with the opportunity to grow further in his/her career...

Get Set & Grow
is aimed at getting the Medical Representative thoroughly equipped for setting explicit task for himself and then growing out in this vast field of Pharma Selling...

About the Author:

Vivek Mehrotra
has garnered a vivid experience of 26 years in Sales and Training. He is working as the GM-Head (Talent Transformation & Development) with Reliance Retail Ltd. Vivek is an accomplished corporate trainer and has authored several best sellers, viz.
  • `Essentials of Pharmaceutical Sales Management`,
  • `Why My Horse Doesn?t Drink`- Learn to motivate people around you
  • `Why My Horse Doesn?t Listen`- Learn to communicate effectively


  1. Role Excellence
  2. Towards Role Excellence
  3. Selling Profession
  4. Selling! What is it?
Get: `Getting Equipped Thoroughly`
  1. You
  2. Yourself
  3. Happiness
  4. Personality
  5. Character
  6. Punctuality
  7. Communication
Set: `Setting Explicit Task`
  1. Doctor
  2. Planning
  3. Call
  4. Selling Etiquette
  5. Handling of Visual Aid and Pop Ups
  6. Detailing
  7. Closing the Call
  8. Inputs
  9. Objection Handling
  10. Post-Call Analysis
  11. Hidden Persuaders
  12. Chemist
  13. Personal Order Booking
  14. Stockist
  15. Reporting
  16. Finale
Grow: `Growing Out`
  1. Growing Out
  2. Team Spirit
  3. Postscript
  • Degrees/Diplomas
  • Dosage Schedule
  • Abbreviations
  • Terminology

Medical Sciences,Pharmacy,General Management


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