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Mechanical System Design
Siddiqui, K.U. , Deptt. of Mechanical Engineering, Integral University, Lucknow, U.P.
Singh, Manoj Kumar , Asst. Prof. & Head, Deptt. of Mech. Engg., Lucknow Model Inst. of Engg. and Tech., Lucknow, UP
ISBN : 978-81-224-2683-0
Publication Year : 2010
Edition : 2nd
Reprint : 2017
Pages : 392
Price : $ 19.93
Binding : Paperback
About the Book:

Today the "Mechanical Systems" as a component of science comprises of not just mechanisms and mechanical component but also covers multidisciplinary synthesis of mechanical, electronic, computer and information system based elements. The most prominent e.g. are robot, washing machine and computer printer.

To work in a multidisciplinary team for developing such products, a very clear understanding of flow of material, energy and information is required and also points of observation and places of interfaces to outside systems have to be specified. In comparison to conventional products, these new products are evolved or developed in a sequential manner, starting from the concept, followed by function, designing, prototyping and finally the testing stages.

Also, to match up with continuous evolution taking place in the area of product designs, these processes have to be carried out at fast pace. This can be often achieved by resorting to model based-computer simulation, virtual prototyping and rapid prototyping techniques.

Computer simulation requires mathematical model of system, which are built with all interacting components and it helps in development and optimization of designs. The virtual prototyping helps in designing of real world interfaces and spatial description whereas the rapid prototyping helps in actual testing of product. A system-based approach to mechanical design helps in carrying out all these activities.

Finally, an application of 'A Case Study' method is followed.

About the Author:

Prof. K.U. Siddiqui
is a very renowned personality in the field of Engineering and Technology. He did his B.Sc. (Engg.) in Mechanical Engineering from AMU, Aligarh and obtained specialization in Automobile Engineering. He has written two books (1) Automotive Technology and (2) Elements of Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Siddiqui has a long experience in the academic field.

Manoj Kumar Singh is an eminent and dynamic personality in the field of Engineering and Technology. He did his BTech., MTech. (Mech.) degrees from UP Technical University, Lucknow. He is presently working as Assistant Professor and Head in Mechanical Engineering Department, Lucknow Model Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow and also pursuing PhD degree. His area of research interest is Field Bond Graph. He is also the author of Industrial Economics and Principles of Management published by New Age International (P) Limited, Publishers.


  • Introduction to Design of Systems
  • Engineering Processes and the System Approach
  • Design and Problem Formulation
  • System Theories
  • System Modelling
  • Linear Graph Analysis
  • Optimization Concepts
  • System Evaluation
  • Calculus Methods for Optimization
  • Decision Analysis
  • System Simulation
  • Application of Mechanical System Design to Control System
  • The Product Design Process
  • Computer System Concept
  • Bond Graph

Mechanical,Production Engineering


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