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1. Exposure to Boilers : For Practicing Engineers and Students
Aglave, G.S. , Proprietor, Conzerve Consultants.

``Exposure to Boilers`` is the comprehensive book covering basic concepts, analytical and theoretical aspects of boiler design, operation and maintenance.

The book covers the syllabus for

  • Degree/Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering.
  • Power Plant Engineering, Applied Engineering
  • Boiler Proficiency/Competency Examinations and Boiler Operators' ....     View More Details

ISBN : 978-81-224-3879-6   Publication Year : 2015    Edition : 3rd Pages : 456    Price : $ 29.95    Binding : Hardbound

2. Basic Manufacturing Processes As per the New Syllabus of GBTU, ( Common to all Branches of Engineering)
Singh, U.K. , Director, BBS College of Engg. & Tech., Allahabad Ex.Prof. & HOD (Depart. of ME) KNIT,Sultanpur(UP)
Dwivedi, Manish , HOD(Mechanical) Seth Vishambhar Nath Institute of Engg. & Tech. Barabanki (UP)

Basic Manufacturing Process has become important in the industrial environment to manufacture products for the service of mankind. So there is a basic need to provide theoretical and practical knowledge manufacturing processes to all the engineering students. This book covers most of the syllabus of Basic Manufacturing Processes for engineering classes prescribed by GBTU (formerly UPTU), Luckn....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-3644-0   Publication Year : 2014    Edition : 3rd Pages : 196    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

3. Engineering Materials
Kakani, S L , Former Executive Director, Inst. of Tech. & Mgmt., Bhilwara (Affiliated to R.T.U., Kota), Rajasthan
Kakani, Amit

This book provides an extensive coverage of Engineering Materials for BTech. AMIE, MSc. (Material Science), MSc.(Chemistry) students of all Indian and foreign Universities.

In ten chapters, the book deals with all recent advances in Engineering Materials. Chapter 2 deals with Bonding and Structure of Materials. Special Chapters on Ceramics, Polymers, Composites, Smart (Intelligent) Mate....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-3621-1   Publication Year : 2014    Edition : 1st Pages : 540    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

4. Heat and Mass Transfer Data Book
Kothandaraman, C.P. , Former Head Department of Mech. Engg., PSG College of Tech., Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
Subramanyan, S. , Former Principal, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

The book addresses to the needs of students and teachers of mechanical and chemical engineering as well as practicing engineers.

Provides relevant property data in easily readable alphabetical form at different temperatures for:

  • Metals and alloys, liquids and gases of engineering interest
  • Building and insulating materials
  • Pure elements

    Heat transfer cor....
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    ISBN : 978-81-224-3595-5   Publication Year : 2014    Edition : 8th    Reprint : Feb, 2014
    Pages : 208    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

    5. Manufacturing Processes : (As per the new Syllabus of GBTU (Common to all Branches of Engineering)
    Gupta, H.N. , Prof., Deptt. of Mechanical Engg., I.E.T. Lucknow (UP)
    Gupta, R.C. , Former Professor and Head Department of Mechanical Engineering IET, Lucknow (UP)
    Mittal, Arun , Former Professor and Head Department of Mechanical Engineering I.E.T. Lucknow (UP)

    This book was written to fulfill a specific need effective from 2008-09 session, UPTU had introduced the subject of ‘Manufacturing Processes’ for first year Engineering students of all streams. This book covered the wide syllabus in a distilled form.

    The syllabus has been revised recently. The third edition of the book covers the new syllabus fully. New chapters have been ad....
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    ISBN : 978-81-224-3642-6   Publication Year : 2014    Edition : 3rd Pages : 204    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

    6. Production Drawing
    Narayana, K.L. , Director, (Research and Development) SVCET , Chittoor (AP)
    Kannaiah, P. , Retired Prof. & Head, Deptt of Mechanical Engg., S.V.U. College of Engg., Tirupati, A.P.
    Reddy, K. Venkata , Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Yogananda College of Engg, Tirupati (A.P.)

    In the quest to improve the quality of engineering education, it is not just enough to teach engineering principles and design procedures. An equal emphasis should be stressed to the manufacturing processes and in preparation of production drawings. Keeping this in mind, the contents of the book are planned and developed.

    A production drawing is an important document, as the entire prod....
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    ISBN : 978-81-224-3501-6   Publication Year : 2014    Edition : 3rd Pages : 348    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

    7. Production and Properties of Cast Al-Si Alloys
    Dwivedi, D K , Deptt. of Mechanical & Industrial Engg., Indian Institute of Tech., Roorkee

    The book entitled Production and Properties of Cast Al-Si Alloys presents a structured matter on fundamentals associated with production of primary aluminium and aluminium-silicon alloy casting besides basic principles, methods and techniques used for controlling the mechanical and metallurgical properties of Al-Si alloys. First chapter is an introduction which highlights the classification of....
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    ISBN : 978-81-224-3451-4   Publication Year : 2013    Edition : 1st Pages : 220    Price : $ 24.95    Binding : Hardbound

    8. Powder Metallurgy for Automotive and High Performance Materials in Engineering Industries
    Ramakrishnan, P. , Professor Emeritus, I.I.T., Bombay.

    Powder Metallurgy for Automotive and High Performance Materials in Engineering Industries, discusses the current status and potential of this rapidly expanding manufacturing technology. The challenges facing the powder metallurgy (PM) industry, technological advances for the growth of global PM industry are dealt with. The book is a valuable source for Graduate Students, Researchers, Professio....
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    ISBN : 978-81-224-3031-8   Publication Year : 2012    Edition : 1st Pages : 236    Price : $ 24.75    Binding : Hardbound

    9. Principles of Foundry Process Design
    Sutradhar, Goutam , Prof. Deptt. of Mech. Engg. & Joint Dir., School of Automotive Engg., Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata.

    The book is designed to bridge the gap between the artesian and engineering approaches. The contents have been aligned chronologically from solidification behaviour to fuzzy inference expert system for optimum process selection. This will help to visualize the actual situations like core/mould assembly, gating and feeding arrangements etc. Finally solidification simulation, with some practical....
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    ISBN : 978-81-224-3405-7   Publication Year : 2012    Edition : 1st Pages : 150    Price : $ 19.95    Binding : Hardbound

    10. Basic Mechanics (WBUT)
    Bhattacharyya, B. , Associate Prof., Deptt. of Aerospace Engg. & Applied Mech., Bengal Engg. & Sci. University, Howrah.
    Bera, S.C. , Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Narula Institute of Technology, Kolkata.

    The syllabus of Basic Mechanics as stipulated by WBUT covers the main chapters of Engineering Mechanics and the very preamble of Strength of Materials. The book covers all the topics of the syllabus in a comprehensive manner so that the students can attain a clear understanding of the articles. Moreover for generation of clear conception, a good number of numerical examples have been worked ou....
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    ISBN : 978-81-224-2694-6   Publication Year : 2009    Edition : 1st    Reprint : Aug, 2012
    Pages : 416    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback



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