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141. Sankhyakiya Vidhiya Aur Anuprayog
Agarwal, B.L. , Retd. Professor Department of Statistics and Mathematics, Rajasthan Agricultural University, Udaipur

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ISBN : 978-81-224-1561-2   Publication Year : 2004    Edition : 1st    Reprint : 2004
Pages : 540    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

142. Wavelet Analysis and Applications
Rao, Geetha Srinivas , Editor, Ramanujan Instt. for Advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Madras, Tamil Nadu.

Wavelets and related functions constitute a most recent set of mathematical tools, impacting many branches of Mathematical and Applied Sciences, ranging from Approximation Theory and Harmonic Analysis to Signal Analysis and Image Compression.

This volume includes lectures delivered at the Platinum Jubilee Workshop and Tenth Ramanujan Symposium, PJWTRS-2003, on Wavelet Analysis, conducte....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1515-5   Publication Year : 2004    Edition : Ist    Reprint : 2007
Pages : 174    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Hardbound

143. Dimensional Analysis and Similitude (Through Worked Examples)
Kumar, V.J.F. , Prof., Farm Machinery, Agricultural Engg. College and Research Institute, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
Durairaj, Divaker C. , Prof., Farm Machinery, Agri. Engg. College & Res. Instt., (Tamil Nadu Agri. Uni.), Coimbatore.

This is a reference book for all branches of engineering students, scientists, and designers alike. It was mainly conceived to introduce conversion of units from one system of measurements to another and to teach the principles of dimensional analysis and similitude. It teaches how to do systematic calculations arriving at dimensionless products pertaining to a physical phenomenon. An algebrai....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1486-8   Publication Year : 2003    Edition : 1st Pages : 216    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback
144. Engineering Mathematics Volume - II
Rao, Govinda H.S. , Asst. Professor & Head, Deptt. of Mathematics, Ambedkar Instt. of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka.

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ISBN : 978-81-224-1432-5   Publication Year : 2003    Edition : 1st Pages : 1184    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

145. Programmed Statistics (Question-Answers)
Agarwal, B.L. , Retd. Professor Department of Statistics and Mathematics, Rajasthan Agricultural University, Udaipur

This book covers a wide range of topics in statistics with conceptual analysis, mathematical formulae and adequate details in Question-Answer form.
It furnishes a comprehensive overview of statistics in a lucid manner. The book provides ready-made material for all inquisitive minds to help them prepare for any traditional or internal grading system examination, competitions, interviews, viv....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1458-5   Publication Year : 2003    Edition : 2nd    Reprint : June, 2013
Pages : 656    Price : $ 17.50    Binding : Paperback

146. Theory of Computation
Natarajan, A.M. , Principal, Kongu Engineering College, Erode, Tamil Nadu.
Tamilarasi, A. , Professor, Deptt. of M.C.A., Kongu Engineering College, Erode, Tamil Nadu.
Balasubramani, P. , Professor, Deptt. of CSE-PG2, Kongu Engg. College, Perundurai, Erode, Tamil Nadu.

Theory of Computation emphasizes the topics such as automata, abstract models of computation, and computability. It also includes computational complexity, P and NP completeness.

The book covers the entire syllabus prescribed by Anna University for BE (CSE), JNTU, Hyderabad and Nagpur University. This book also meets the requirements of students preparing for various competitive examina....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1473-8   Publication Year : 2003    Edition : Ist    Reprint : Aug, 2010
Pages : 428    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

147. Business Mathematics and Statistics
Srinivasa, G. , Lecturer, Deptt. of Mathematics, R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka.
George, Deepa

This book is designed as per the syllabus presented by various Indian universities including Bangalore University. The book has the following distinct features:

  • It explains the concepts in a simple and lucid language with suitable examples, diagrams and tables.
  • Each chapter includes list of formulae, large number of solved examples, additional practice problems with answers.     View More Details

ISBN : 978-81-224-1433-2   Publication Year : 2002    Edition : 1st    Reprint : Aug, 2010
Pages : 536    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

148. Business Statistics
Shenoy, G.V.
Srivastava, U.K.
Sharma, S.C.

This book has been written in such a way that the study of statistics is made interesting and it has been oriented towards application of statistical techniques to a variety of real life problems. Most of the existing books discuss application of statistical techniques to problems such as height and weight, ages of husband and wife, etc. There is hardly any book which is contextually relevant ....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-0011-3   Publication Year : 2002    Edition : 1st    Reprint : 2009
Pages : 620    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

149. Mathematics and Statistics for C.A.Professional Education Course-1
Chakravarty, S.K. , Empanelled Counsellor of IGNOU, Kolkata Regional Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal.

This book is designed as per the new syllabus (October 2001) prescribed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

The book has the following distinct features:

  • It contains solutions of almost all the questions set in the past C.A. Foundation Examinations.
  • At the end of each chapter, descriptive type questions with answers, summary and key-terms are given. In Sta....     View More Details

ISBN : 978-81-224-1385-4   Publication Year : 2002    Edition : Ist    Reprint : -
Pages : 1228    Price : $ 17.50    Binding : Paperback

150. Engineering Mathematics (For T.N. University)
Gangadharan, A. , HOD of Mathematics and Computer Application, Venkateswara College of Engineering, Sriperumbudur.

This book covers the core Engineering Mathematics (for BE/B.Tech.) for all Universities in Tamil Nadu.

Salient Features

  • Concise and clear presentation of basic concepts
  • Numerous solved examples
  • Properly graded problems as ``Problems for Practice``
  • Samples of short answer questions in each topic
  • Model question papers
  • ``Thi....     View More Details

ISBN : 978-81-224-1331-1   Publication Year : 2001    Edition : 1st    Reprint : -
Pages : 544    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

151. Integral Calculus
Dhami, H. S. , Professor, Department of Mathematics, Kumaun University, Almora, Uttaranchal.

Starting from the historical development of the subject, the book presents a systematic treatment of the basic concepts and techniques involved in integral calculus.

Techniques of integration, Beta and Gamma functions, and multiple integrals are explained in considerable detail.

Geometrical and mechanical applications of integration and the numerical methods involved in computati....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1324-3   Publication Year : 2001    Edition : Ist    Reprint : 2009
Pages : 348    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

152. Complex Analytic Functions:Theory and Applications
Sharma, S.K.
Sharma, A.K. , Professor, Deptt.of Physics, M.D. University, Rohtak (Haryana)

In a simple and interesting style, this book explains the various concepts in complex analysis and illustrates them through practical applications. Starting with a definition of the properties of a complex number, the book goes on to explain complex variables and conformal mapping. It then presents an exhaustive description of Schwarz -Christoffel Transformation which is followed by a discussi....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1240-6   Publication Year : 2000    Edition : 1st    Reprint : July, 2010
Pages : 174    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

153. Stochastic Models: Analysis and Applications
Bhat, B. R.

The book presents a systematic exposition of the basic theory and applications of stochastic models.Emphasising the modelling rather than mathematical aspects of stochastic processes, the book bridges the gap between the theory and applications of these processes.

The basic building blocks of model construction are explained in a step by step manner, starting from the simplest model of ....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1228-4   Publication Year : 2000    Edition : Ist    Reprint : Jan, 2010
Pages : 408    Price : $ 27.50    Binding : Hardbound

154. Resonance of Ramanujan`s Mathematics Volume III
Agarwal, R.P. , Former Prof. & Head Dept. Math and Astronomy, University of Lucknow, Lucknow (U.P.)

The present volume is the third of the series Resonance of Ramanujan`s Mathematics written by the author. The first two volumes were published in 1996. As in the first two volumes, this volume contains five chapters. The topics selected for this volume are Continued fractions-comprising of the first three chapters, Riemann Zeta function and the fifth chapter is a masterly and an up-to-date art....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1188-1   Publication Year : 1999    Edition : 1st    Reprint : Feb, 2010
Pages : 228    Price : $ 22.50    Binding : Hardbound

155. Differential Calculus
Dhami, H. S. , Professor, Department of Mathematics, Kumaun University, Almora, Uttaranchal.

Differential Calculus, an outgrowth of the problems concerned with slope of curved lines and the areas enclosed by them ? has developed so much that texts are required which may lead the students directly to the heart of the subject and prepare them for challenges of the field. The present book is an attempt in this regard. An excellent book on differential calculus this book has been meticulo....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1146-1   Publication Year : 1998    Edition : 1st    Reprint : 2009
Pages : 416    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

156. Linear Programming Methods and Applications
Shenoy, G.V.

Due to the availability of computer packages, the use of Linear Programming technique by the managers has become universal. This text has been written primarily for management students and executives who have no previous background of linear programming. The text is oriented towards introducing important ideas in linear programming technique at a fundamental level and help the students in unde....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1034-1   Publication Year : 1998    Edition : 2nd    Reprint : 2008
Pages : 236    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

157. Mathematical Modelling
Kapur, J.N. , Honorary Professor, School of Computer & Systems Sciences, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Each chapter of the book deals with mathematical modelling through one or more specified techniques. Thus there are chapters on mathematical modelling through algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus, through ordinary differential equations of first and second order, through systems of differential equations, through difference equations, through partial differential equations, through fun....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-0006-9   Publication Year : 1998    Edition : 1st    Reprint : 2013
Pages : 272    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

158. Operations Research Methods and Practice
Mustafi, C.K.

Written with the dual purpose of in depth study of operations research and creating an awareness about its applicability the third edition of the book covers diverse topics such as linear programming, network planning, inventory control, waiting line problems, simulation, problems of replacement, reliability and elements of non-linear programming with appropriate rigour. It also includes real ....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-3342-5   Publication Year : 1998    Edition : 4th    Reprint : 2009
Pages : 436    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

159. Rotation and Lorentz Groups and their Representations for Physicists
Rao, K.N. Srinivasa

This book gives a clear and logical exposition of the basic method of ensembles in Statistical Mechanics as developed by J.W. Gibbs. Beginning with the Liouville theorem, a brief but useful introduction to the classical statistical mechanics is provided. Then the quantum picture is outlined and basic postulates of quantum statistical mechanics are stated. The discussion of the symmetry of wave....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-0056-4   Publication Year : 1998    Edition : Ist Pages : 372    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Hardbound

160. A Textbook of Matrix Algebra
Biswas, Suddhendu , Retd. Prof. & HOD of Mathematical Sc., University of Delhi, Delhi.

This is a book of multilevel structure; catering the need of Postgraduate (inclusive of M.Phil) and undergraduate honours students in the areas of Statistics, Mathematics, Operational Research, Engineering and other related disciplines requiring the background of Matrix Algebra. Some basic novel features of the book are as follows:

ISBN : 978-81-224-1113-3   Publication Year : 1997    Edition : 2nd    Reprint : -
Pages : 448    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

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