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141 - 160 of 225 Records Found for your search of Mathematics

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141. Combinatorial Optimization Theory and Algorithms
Korte, Bernhard
Vygen, Jens

This comprehensive textbook on combinatorial optimization puts special emphasis on theoretical results and algorithms with provably good performance, in contrast to heuristics. It has arisen as the basis of several courses on combinatorial optimization and more special topics at graduate level. Since the complete book contains enough material for at least four semesters (4 hours a week), one u....
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ISBN : 978-81-8128-629-1   Publication Year : 2007    Edition : 3rd Pages : 597    Price : $ 53.00    Binding : Paperback

142. Mathematical Methods (As per JNTU Syllabus)
Dutta, D. , Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, N.I.T., Warangal, Andhra Pradesh.

This JNTU, Hyderabad edition is designed for the core course on the subject and presents a detailed yet simple treatment of the fundamental principles given in the syllabus. All basic concepts have been comprehensively explained and illustrated through a variety of solved examples. Instead of too much mathematically involved illustrations, a step-by-step approach has been followed throughout t....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-2034-0   Publication Year : 2007    Edition : 1st Pages : 224    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

143. Statistical Methods in Molecular Evolution
Nielsen, Rasmus

In the field of molecular evolution, inferences about past evolutionary events are made using molecular data from currently living species. With the availability of genomic data from multiple related species, molecular evolution has become one of the most active and fastest growing fields of study in genomics and bioinformatics.

This book is suitable for statisticians seeking to learn m....
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ISBN : 978-81-8128-610-9   Publication Year : 2007    Edition : 1st Pages : 508    Price : $ 53.00    Binding : Paperback

144. An Introduction to Programming and Numerical Methods in MATLAB
Otto, S.R.
Denier, J.P.

MATLAB is a powerful programme, which naturally lends itself to the rapid implementation of most numerical algorithms. This text, which uses MATLAB, gives a detailed overview of structured programming and numerical methods for the undergraduate student.

This special low-priced edition is for sale in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka only.....
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ISBN : 978-81-8128-547-8   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 1st Pages : 480    Price : $ 33.00    Binding : Paperback

145. Comprehensive Business Mathematics
Veena, G.R. , Lect. In Mathematics, Surana College, Bangalore, Karnataka

Salient features

  • Broadly covers Business Mathematics syllabus of first B.B.M./B.Com./B.B.A. course. Also it can be a reference material for C.A. and I.C.W.A. course
  • Provides an introduction to various basic mathematical techniques and the situations where these could be usefully employed
  • The language is simple and the material is self explanatory with a lar....     View More Details

ISBN : 978-81-224-1754-8   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 1st    Reprint : 2008
Pages : 490    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

146. Engineering Mathematics, Vol. I
Rao, Govinda H.S. , Asst. Professor & Head, Deptt. of Mathematics, Ambedkar Instt. of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka.

This book presents a detailed yet simple treatment of the basic concepts and techniques in Engineering Mathematics.

Key Features :

Provides solutions to previous year's question papers of all Indian Universities and also VTU, Karnataka.....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1888-0   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 2nd Pages : 654    Price : $ 19.67    Binding : Paperback

147. Graph Theory with Applications
Vasudev, C. , Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Mathematics, Kammavari Sangham Instt. of Tech., Bangalore, Karnataka.

Salient Features

  • Over 1500 problems are used to illustrate concepts, related to different topics, and introduce applications.
  • Over 1000 exercises in the text with many different types of questions posed.
  • Precise mathematical language is used without excessive formalism and abstraction.
  • Care has been taken to balance the mix of notation and words in ....     View More Details

ISBN : 978-81-224-1737-1   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : Ist    Reprint : 2017
Pages : 490    Price : $ 30.00    Binding : Paperback

148. Graphic Discovery
Wainer, Howard

Good graphs make complex problems clear. From the weather forecast to the Dow Jones average, graphs are so ubiquitous today that it is hard to imagine a world without them. Yet they are a modern invention. This book is the first to comprehensively plot human kind?s fascinating efforts to visualize data, from a key seventeenth-century Precursor-England's plague-driven initiative to register vit....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1882-8   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 1st Pages : 208    Price : $ 19.67    Binding : Hardbound

149. Graphs, Networks and Algorithms
Jungnickel, Dieter

The book is a first class textbook and seems to be indispensable for everybody who has to teach combinational optimization. It is very helpful for students, teachers, and researchers in this area. The author finds a striking synthesis of nice and interesting mathematical results and practical applications. The author pays much attention to the inclusion of well-chosen exercises. The reader doe....
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ISBN : 978-81-8128-518-8   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 2nd Pages : 628    Price : $ 59.67    Binding : Hardbound

150. Homological Algebra
Cartan, Henri
Eilenberg, Samuel

When this book was written, methods of algebraic topology had caused revolutions in the world of pure algebra. To clarify the advances that had been made, Cartan and Eilenberg tried to unify the fields and to construct the frame-work of a fully fledged theory. The invasion of algebra had occurred on three fronts through the construction of cohomology theories for groups, Lie algebras, and asso....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1997-9   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 1st Pages : 405    Price : $ 19.67    Binding : Paperback

151. Interest & Prices Foundations
Woodford, Michael

With the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, any pretense of a connection of the world`s currencies to any real commodity has been abandoned. Yet since the 1980s, most central banks have abandoned money-growth targets as practical guidelines for monetary policy as well. How then can pure fiat currencies be managed so as to create confidence in the stability of national units of account?
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1718-0   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : Ist Pages : 785    Price : $ 53.00    Binding : Hardbound

152. Local Search in Combinatorial Optimization
Aarts, Emile
Lenstra, Jan Karel

In the past three decades, local search has grown from a simple heuristic idea into a mature field of research in combinatiorial optimization that is attracting ever-increasing attention. Local Search is still the method of choice for NP-hard problems, as it provides a robust approach for obtaining high-quality solutions to problems of a realistic size in reasonable time. Local Search in Combi....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1999-3   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 1st Pages : 528    Price : $ 26.33    Binding : Paperback

153. Mathematical Techniques In Finance
Cerny, Ales

Modern finance overlaps with many fields of mathematics, and for students this can represent considerable strain. Mathematical Techniques in Finance is an ideal textbook for Masters finance courses with a significant quantitative element while also being suitable for finance Ph.D. students. Developed for the highly acclaimed Master of Science in Finance program at Imperial College Londo....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1715-9   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : Ist Pages : 398    Price : $ 19.67    Binding : Paperback

154. Optimization
Lange, Kenneth
Levy, Wayne

Finite-dimensional optimization problems occur throughout the mathematical sciences. The majority of these problems cannot be solved analytically. This introduction to optimization attempts to strike a balance between presentation of mathematical theory and development of numerical algorithms. Building on students` skills in calculus and linear algebra, the text provides a rigorous exposition ....
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ISBN : 978-81-8128-509-6   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 1st Pages : 272    Price : $ 33.00    Binding : Paperback

155. Selected Statistical Tests
Rajagopalan, V. , Reader, Deptt. of Statistics, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu.

This book provides many kinds of statistical tests available in Statistics, which are widely used in various disciplines, especially very much useful for the researchers who need statistical tools and techniques for their data analysis. This book will help them to interpret their data themselves in a better manner. In this book, frequently used statistical tests are presented in a simple and u....
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ISBN : 978-93-86286-89-5   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 1st    Reprint : 2018
Pages : 260    Price : $ 46.60    Binding : Hardbound

156. Statistical Methods : An Introductory Text
Medhi, J. , Honorary Professor, Institute of Advanced Study in Science & Tech., Guwahati

The preface elucidates that the text is designed for degree courses in India. However, I imagine that it could play a useful role for those in Britain. It is mainly intended as an introductory text for those studying social sciences and economics. Individuals from other disciplines would, no doubt, still find it useful as a general reference.

The chapters are well written and easy to f....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1957-3   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 2nd    Reprint : Oct, 2013
Pages : 452    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

157. Strange Curves, Counting Rabbits, and other Mathematical Explorations
Ball, Keith

How does mathematics enable us to send pictures from space back to Earth? Where does the bell-shaped curve come from? Why do you need only 23 people in a room for a 50/50 chance of two of them sharing the same birthday? In strange Curves, Counting Rabbits, and Other Mathematical Explorations, Keith Ball highlights how ideas, mostly form pure math can answer these questions and many mor....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1878-1   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 1st Pages : 268    Price : $ 19.67    Binding : Hardbound

158. Sudoku Easy Presented by Will Shortz
Shortz, Will

From puzzlemaster and New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz comes sudoku, the new wordless crossword puzzle that`s taking the world by storm! Once you start, you won`t want to stop. These addictive puzzles are easy to understand just fill the grid with numbers according to the few simple rules but incredibly fun and engaging to complete. You don`t need any mathematics knowledge: Just sup....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1795-1   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : Ist    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

159. Supply Chain Optimization
Geunes, Joseph
Pardalos, Panos M.

Supply Chain Optimization captures the latest results in a segment of current research activity in supply chain management. This research area focuses on applying optimization techniques to supply chain management problems. The research papers that make up the volume provide a snapshot of state-of the-art optimization methods within the field. This book presents rigorous modeling approaches fo....
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ISBN : 978-81-8128-507-2   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : 1st Pages : 424    Price : $ 33.00    Binding : Paperback

160. Tensors & their Applications
Islam, Nazrul , Asstt. Professor, Deptt. of Applied Sciences, A.I.E.T., Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

The book is written is in easy-to-read style with corresponding examples. The main aim of this book is to precisely explain the fundamentals of Tensors and their applications to Mechanics, Elasticity, Theory of Relativity, Electromagnetic, Riemannian Geometry and many other disciplines of science and engineering, in a lucid manner. The text has been explained section wise, every concept has be....
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ISBN : 978-81-224-1838-5   Publication Year : 2006    Edition : Ist    Reprint : 2009
Pages : 252    Price : $ 15.00    Binding : Paperback

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